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Merger Notice

Americatel and Matrix Telecom Merger

Matrix Telecom, Inc. (“Matrix”) and Americatel Corporation, the current provider of Startec’s services are pleased to announce that Matrix and Americatel will be merging companies. As a result of the merger, Matrix will now provide long distance services under the Startec brand name.   The anticipated date of merger of Americatel into Matrix is expected to be completed on or after January 1, 2015, subject to the necessary regulatory approvals.

Startec customers are not required to do anything to retain current long distance services. The merger will not result in any additional costs for customers or changes in plans, rates, service features or terms and conditions.  Although not anticipated, any future service changes would be through standard communications on the bill, by mail or through lawful means. 

Any preferred carrier freeze on customer accounts will remain in place. Customers have the right to select a different preferred long distance carrier, if one is available. If a customer chooses to change to a different preferred long distance carrier, it may be required to lift any freeze that may have been placed on the account by the customer calling their local service carrier.

We are confident that this transaction will strengthen the quality of service for our customers.  As always, for help with any customer service, billing issue, or complaint, customer service is available to assist by calling the toll-free number (800) 827-3374 or by sending an email to before, during, and after the merger.