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CellConnect Prepaid

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CellConnect Prepaid

Make international calls from your cell phone at low rates.

  • Call from any cell phone or landline, anywhere in the U.S. and 50 other countries
  • Works with your existing cell phone provider & plan 
  • Convenient PIN-less dialing, speed dialing and many other great features 
  • Instant activation - start calling right away 
  • Convenient recharge online or on the phone 
  • Control your spending - prepay only for as much as you plan on using 
Take Startec's service and savings with you everywhere you go.

No need to pay incredibly high rates for international calls from hotels, pay phones or any other phone. All you need is your cell phone and Startec's CellConnect service. With CellConnect you get amazing low rates to over 220 destinations worldwide. You can even set up one-touch dialing for even greater convenience.







*Certain international destinations represented may not be accessible at this time due to the high risk of fraudulent calling activities. If you have any questions regarding these international destinations, please contact Customer Service.