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Product Information

What is Dial Around (10-10-719)?

Dial Around is when you use a 10-10 number to "dial around" the long distance service on your home phone. Startec's dial around code is 10-10-719. When you dial this code prior to making your domestic or international long distance calls, your call will be carried by Startec's network rather than the network of the long distance provider your telephone number is switched to. These calls will be billed at Startec's 10-10-719 rates and the costs for these calls will be on your local company bill. Startec Dial Around allows you to keep your current long distance provider and access Startec's service completely toll-free from any home phone. Dial around codes normally do not work from hotels, offices, cell phones and pay phones.

Do I need to sign-up or register before I use 10-10-719?

No. You can begin using 10-10-719 right away from your home phone. There is no need to sign-up or register.

Can I enroll for Startec online billing program and continue to receive a paper bill?

No. Your invoices are saved for your review on My Account on You may print these for your records at any time.

How do I use 10-10-719?

To place an international call, dial:
10-10-719 + 011 + country code + phone number

To place a call within the U.S. or to Canada, dial:
10-10-719 + 1 + area code + phone number

Can I use a dial around plan from my cell phone, a pay phone or hotel?

No. You cannot use dial around from your cell phone, a pay phone, or a hotel phone. In addition, you cannot use 10-10-719 from most institutional phone systems-- such as hospital rooms, businesses and dormitories.

Do I have to dial 10-10-719 before each call to use Startec's service?

Yes. If you prefer to use Dial Around, you will have to dial 10-10-719 before each call. But you can save even more with Startec without having to dial 10-10-719 before each call if you switch to Startec's Direct Dial Service. Choose Startec as your primary long distance service provider and you can dial directly from your home without dialing 10-10-719. There are several Startec direct dial plans to choose from - just pick one that meets your needs.

What are the benefits of Startec's Dial Around service?

You get the benefit of our great low rates and excellent quality when you use our 10-10-719 service. To get even better rates, you can switch to Startec's Direct Dial service. Startec's Direct Dial service has many additional features to meet your calling needs.

Support Information

Why are my calls using 10-10-719 not going through?

This could be for one of the following reasons:

  • We are experiencing traffic congestion. Call back later and your call may go through.
  • There is a 'block' on your phone. This block could be either because you have reached your credit limit with Startec or we do not have a billing name and address associated with your phone number. In this case, call customer service at 1-800-827-3374 and they will help you.
  • In some cases, 10-10-719 service cannot be accessed from certain calling areas. Please call our customer service department and they can provide you with an alternate access number.


Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Startec Customer Service is always happy to help. Contact Startec online at, or call 1-800-827-3374 Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to Midnight or Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time).

What can I do if I experience any problems connecting my calls?

Please call Customer Service at 1-800-827-3374 and report the problem immediately. Our customer service department will identify the nature of the problem like international call congestions, quality issues, credit limit blocks on your phone, missing account information, or any other problem.

Whatever the nature of the problem, our customer service representatives will be able to solve these for you quickly. Regarding call quality, we might ask you to provide some specific information including the number you are dialing from, the number you tried to reach when you experienced problems, and the time when you placed the call.

Startec's Network Management Center works around the clock to ensure that we maintain the highest quality on our global network. Our technicians will investigate and troubleshoot any problems in the fastest time possible.

Billing Information

How are dial around calls billed?

Most dial around calls are billed with your local phone company bill with each dial around code used displayed on a separate page.

Are there any additional fees or charges?

With 10-10-719, there is a low connection fee of 79¢ per call. The 11.9% LEC Billing Fee, a 15.7% USF (Universal Service Fund Fee) and taxes apply. A $2.50 monthly minimum usage fee applies on invoiced amounts below $5.00.

What is the LEC Billing Fee?

The LEC Billing Fee is assessed on your interstate and international dial-around calls and equals 11.9% of your interstate and international call charges. The fee recovers the cost of billing through your local exchange carrier. It is assessed only in months in which you use the 10-10-719 service. Thus, if you do not use the service you will not be assessed the fee.. This fee is not a tax or a charge required by the government.

What is the USF Fee?

The Universal Service Fund (USF) helps provide affordable telecommunications services for low-income customers and customers in rural areas. It also provides discounts on Internet access for eligible schools, libraries and rural health care providers. The USF is collected from telecommunications carriers and administered by the Universal Service Administration Corporation. They are responsible for disbursing the funds according to eligibility criteria established by the FCC.

In May of 1997, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules that mandated that telecommunications carriers pay into a federal program called the Universal Service Fund (USF). Startec and other telecommunications carriers are required by the FCC, to pay a percentage of their revenues for state-to-state and international services into the Universal Service Fund. The FCC sets this percentage on a quarterly basis. In the competitive industry we are in, we cannot afford to absorb the costs associated with the USF that have been imposed by the FCC. Startec is allowed to pass through these charges to customers by charging the Universal Service Fund Fee, the percentage set by the FCC and can be found here.