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MyCountry Number


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What is MyCountry Number?

MyCountry Number is the best way to receive your incoming international calls with a local in-country  phone number that rings to any phone you choose here in the U.S. When you sign up for MyCountry Number, Americatel will assign you a phone number in your home country. You can choose to receive all calls to that number on any U.S. phone, even cell phones.

With MyCountry Number friends and family in your home country can call you here in the United States for the cost of a local call for them and at no additional cost to you, except a low monthly fee for unlimited incoming calls.

Where is MyCountry Number available?

We are working to expand the MyCountry Number service to many other destinations. MyCountry Number is currently available in the following countries:

Iran, Tehran

What is the "cost of a local call"?

The “cost of a local call” is the price your family or friend must pay to make a local call in their country of residence. This price is determined by that person’s telephone service provider. In many cases the cost is low or even part of a service package.

What if my family / friends / acquaintances do not live in the local area where MyCountry Number is available?

In this case, family and friends can either choose to call you at your MyCountry Number or they can always call your US number. Usually the price of in-country long distance will be cheaper for them than calling internationally to the US.

Do I need any special equipment to get this service?

There is no special equipment for you or the people who call you at your MyCountry Number. There are also no installation charges.

How long does it take until my MyCountry Number is active?

Because we need to first assign you a local in-country telephone number, and then route calls from your MyCounty Number to a U.S. cell phone or landline number of your choosing, MyCountry Number takes approximately 24 hours to set up.

How much does MyCountry Number cost and how is it billed?

For a fixed monthly fee, you can receive unlimited calls from loved ones in your home country. You will be billed directly by Startec for this service.

Iran $14.99 per month

How can I make outgoing international calls with MyCountry Number?

MyCountry Number automatically comes with CellConnect at no additional charge. You can register up to 4 numbers with CellConnect (including the number you chose for MyCountry Number). Making international calls with CellConnect is easy, convenient and inexpensive. For more information visit our CellConnect product page.